Mission & Vision

Maarif School 

The mission of Maarif School is to foster a lifelong commitment to intellectual curiosity and to raise children as self-reliant responsible individuals endowed with critical thinking. With high quality scientific and Islamic education, Maarif School places great importance to raising awareness in congruence of Islamic ethics and universal values that have been transferred through generations. 

With students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Seniors in High School, Maarif School presents a vibrant academic and social environment striving to create a culture of understanding and respect and to harness the unique potential of every individual student. 

A multitude of extracurricular activities enables students to hone their talents in personality education and develop new skills and interests.

Maarif School provides a college preparatory program emphasizing Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies, with the addition of a diverse array of electives. All MA curriculum is aligned with New Jersey State, Board of Education. Students who successfully complete the program are well-prepared to take the SAT or ACT Exams to earn High School Diploma.

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