A cultural event organized in Maarif Schools of Tunisia


The "National Traditional Clothing Day" was celebrated at the International Maarif School of Tunisia. 

Turkey's Ambassador to Tunisia, Cağlar Fahri Çakıralp, attended the celebration, where students wore traditional hand-embroidered and woven Tunisian clothes. During the event, two tents set up in the area displayed jewelry and traditional clothing along with local products of Tunisian culture and cuisine. In addition, a variety of traditional dishes from Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Oman and Indonesia were also offered to the guests. 

Hilmi Dönmez, Principal of International Maarif School of Tunisia, stated that such celebrations were important, enriching and expanding the horizons of students, and getting to know culture of many countries. He said they wanted the celebration to include all countries of North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

Deputy Principal Rahma Hashemi explained that the National Traditional Clothing Day was specific to the Tunisian culture and emphasized the desire of many countries to participate in the event, led by the Tunisian International Maarif Schools, to highlight the enriching difference between civilizations and cultures. 

The Traditional Clothing Day, which aims to introduce authentic traditional Tunisian clothing and pass them on to future generations, is celebrated annually in Tunisia. 

The International Maarif Schools of Tunisia started its educational activities in September 2017 and currently count 216 students from different nationalities.

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