Erbil International Maarif Schools Began Face-to-Face Education Under COVID-19 Measures



Following the re-start of education in Iraq, which was suspended due to the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19), International Maarif Schools - Erbil, considered as one of the leading schools in the country, also switched to face-to-face education with pandemic measures.

In a statement, School Director Idris Karaaslan commented on Maarif Schools’ success during the online educational period, COVID-19 measures and face-to-face education.

Karaaslan explained that Maarif Schools had successfully left behind the distance education system, and followed, "We were already providing online education. We have had some real good successes in this regard. We are one of the best schools for online education in Erbil. So far, we have provided uninterrupted online education and totally closed the first semester by completing the curriculum."

Karaaslan stated that the face-to-face education period has started three days a week from today with the decision of the Ministry of National Education, then explained, “Face-to-face education will be provided three days a week, followed by online education three days at intervals. A group of students come to school and benefit from face-to-face education, while the other ones are studying and having online class from home."

Karaaslan reminded that they did all the preparation and cleaning work before the face-to-face education and the students were going through the disinfectant tunnel at the entrance of the school before joining class.

Pointing out that it was mandatory for all students to come to school wearing masks, Karaaslan noted that education was carried out on a regular basis, with all precautions taken.


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