Visit to Pak-Turk Maarif Schools from Pakistan Air Force Women's Association


Along with the spouse of the Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad, Mrs. Zlatomira Yurdakul, Begum Tazeen Mujahid, President of the Pakistan Air Force Women's Association, visited the Islamabad H-8 Girls' Campus of Pak-Turk Maarif Schools and met with students and their teachers.

Informing the guests during the visit, Turkish Maarif Foundation Pakistan Representative Harun Küçükaladağlı said that Turkish Maarif Foundation, which was carrying out educational activities in 44 countries, has successfully maintained educational services in Pakistan with over 12,000 students divided in 10 different cities and 27 campuses under the Pak-Turk Maarif Schools brand.

Küçükaladağlı stated that the education continued without interruption thanks to the online education system created by Pak-Turk Maarif Schools with the suspension of face-to-face education during the pandemic.

In his speech, Mujahid stressed that cooperation can be developed between Pak-Turk Maarif Schools and the schools run by the Pakistan Air Force Women's Association, as well as the schools of the Pakistani Air Force, and that mutual experience can be shared, and significant contributions can be made to the Pakistani education system.

Afterwards, Yurdakul and Mujahid presented their representation ribbons to the winners of the elections held among the students. The program featured songs from the two countries and traditional folklore performances. Finally, the art exhibition organized by the students attracted great interest.

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