Agreement signed between Turkish Maarif Foundation and Azerbaijan to Open Schools


Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün and Board of Directors Member Nedim Kaya made a series of visits to Baku, Azerbaijan.

President Akgün and Nedim Kaya met with representatives of Turkish institutions in Azerbaijan. Turkish Ambassador to Baku Erkan Özoral, TIKA Baku Representative Teoman Tiryaki, AA Asia Caucasus News Director Tolga Özgenç and TRT Baku Representative Murat Akkoç attended the meeting and evaluated the Foundation's work.

Later, Akgün, Kaya and Ambassador Özoral paid a visit to Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov and Education Minister Emin Emrullayev, and held consultations on the Foundation's activities in the region and the new schools planned to open and other educational activities to carry out.

Commenting on his visits in Baku to journalists, Akgün stated that since 2017, they have discussed education issues with Azerbaijan, and that the expression of "Two States, One Nation" was not just a slogan, but that this truth was put into action when the time and place were right, as seen in the expedition of Karabakh.

Stating that they would open an office in Baku immediately after this agreement, Akgün said, "Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to be cautious. But our goal is to open the first school of Turkish Maarif Foundation in Baku in 2021."

Pointing out that the school planned to be opened in Baku would cover classes from kindergarten to high school, Akgün said that they would cooperate with Azerbaijan on the use of IT technologies in many fields such as teacher education, experience sharing, curriculum development course.

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