Graduation ceremony in the Maarif Schools of Zanzibar


In Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, a graduation ceremony was held for the students who completed their secondary education in the Form 6 school of Turkish Maarif Foundation.

The ceremony was held in the Turkish Maarif Schools Zanzibar campus with the participation of Mariam Mwinyi, the spouse of the president of Zanzibar, Hüseyin Ali Mwinyi, Turkey’s Ambassador to Dar Es Salaam, Mehmet Güllüoğlu and TMF Board of Trustees member, Ayşen Gürcan.

The program started with the students singing the national anthems of the two countries and continued with poems, songs and theater performances.

In her speech, Mwinyi said : “This program is very important not only for the Maarif Schools delegation but also for all of us in the development of the education sector in our country.”
Mwyinyi thanked the Turkish Maarif Foundation and Turkey for the opening of the school.  
The students who successfully completed their high school education were entitled to receive their certificate of honor by Mariam Mwinyi.

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