​​​​​​​Social Activities Organized by Maarif Students in Baghdad


International Maarif Schools students in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, organized several social activities. 

Taking the floor at the opening of the event in Zeyyune Campus, Maarif Schools Iraq Representative Ahmet Zeki Olaş declared that there were nearly 2000 students enrolled in Maarif Schools across the country. 

Olaş added that thanks to their technological infrastructure, they did not leave students and parents alone during these difficult times due to the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and shared "We hope to open schools in the south of the country."

"Each one of you is an Ambassador like me"

Completing his four-year mission in Iraq, Turkey's Ambassador to Baghdad Fatih Yildiz also attended the program and stated: "As an ambassador who has been serving for four years, I explained to all Iraqi people the ties between our two countries, we are members of the same family. The school and the children play an important role into this. Children studying here will turn the existing heart bond between the two countries into a physical bond. Dear students, each one of you is an ambassador like me. We rely on Turkish Maarif Foundation for the development of bilateral relations and the guarantee of this foundation is the Republic of Turkey." 

With the attendance of parents, "Katibim", "Gel Gör Beni" and folkloric dance were performed and songs from Ibrahim Tatlıses were sung by the students.

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